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252W: Safety Sure Kids® Quiz

The Pre-Tests & Post-Tests can be used to help measure the children's retention of each program objective in Safetypup®'s Drug-Free and Safety-Sure Kids® Jr. Magazine. There is a Pre-Test/Post-Test for each topic in the book. The children are asked to circle the correct picture relating to each program objective as an adult reads it aloud. This can be done before using the Magazine and again after completing the activities and discussing the objectives with an adult.

You can download and print or send directly to your printer.

NCSC FREE Downloads may be duplicated in reasonable quantities by law enforcement departments, teachers, & parents for educational purposes only.

Download Individual Pre-test/Post-test QUIZ Masters

You are Special, One-of-a-KindYou are Special, One-of-a-Kind

Listen to YourselfListen to Yourself

Safety Friends, Peer Pressure, Dares, BulliesSafety Friends, Peer Pressure, Dares, Bullies

Healthy Habits - Rules Keep Us SafeHealthy Habits - Rules Keep Us Safe

Medicine SafetyMedicine Safety

Poisoning PreventionPoisoning Prevention

Say “NO” to TobaccoSay “NO” to Tobacco

Say “NO” to AlcoholSay “NO” to Alcohol

Say “NO” to InhalantsSay “NO” to Inhalants

Say “NO” to MarijuanaSay “NO” to Marijuana

Safetypup®'s Drug-Free & Safety Sure Kids® Jr. Magazine & Companion Materials

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