NCSC is a not-for-profit charitable, federally tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the safety of children.
Materials are available exclusively through local law enforcement departments nationwide.


National Child Safety Council is happy to provide the public with the following organizational and financial information; members of the board of directors, members of the executive staff, IRS Form 990s, donor and visitor privacy policy, and our IRS tax-exempt acceptance letter. We hope these documents can provide you with information you may need when considering to participate in or make a donation to a department's local program.

Donations to local programs help provide that community with quality child and life safety educational materials.

Harley J. Kaufman

President / Director
Term 12/4/18 to 12/4/21

Jim Vance

Director / Vice President
Term 10/23/17 to 10/23/20 - Independent

W. Thomas Haynes

Term 8/1/16 to 8/1/19 - Independent

Diane M. Nelson

Director / Secretary / Treasurer
Term 12/4/18 to 12/4/21

Jeffrey Kinney

Term 12/4/18 to 12/4/21 - Independent

Harley J. Kaufman


Barbara D. Huggett

Director of R & D

Kaycee Jersey

Office Manager



Year Ended July 31, 2019

The following information is summarized from Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, as filed with the Internal Revenue Service.
Program Services 69%
Supporting Services
Management & General 20%
Fundraising 11%
Total Supporting Services 31%
Total Expenses 100%


NCSC 2019 ExpensesNCSC 2019 Financial Summary Chart


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