NCSC is a not-for-profit charitable, federally tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the safety of children.
Materials are available exclusively through local law enforcement departments nationwide.


National Child Safety Council is perhaps best known for its efforts to address the nationwide tragedy of missing and abducted children. It was discovered that in most incidents of abduction the children were being taken out of state, and oftentimes across the country. In an effort to help law enforcement safely recover these children, NCSC created the Missing Children Milk Carton Program.

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In December of 1984, NCSC initiated the first nationally coordinated Missing Children Milk Carton Program, which within weeks, was implemented by over 700 independent dairies across the nation through the cooperation of milk carton manufacturers, including: Potlatch, International Paper, Westvaco, Champion, & Weyerhauser.

Photographs and biographies of missing children were placed on millions of milk carton side panels, bringing the faces of abducted children and the reality of this national disaster directly to countless Americans and individuals worldwide.

As with all NCSC Programs, all the layouts and camera-ready artwork are supplied by the Council without charge of any kind to carton manufacturers thus, allowing photographs and biographies to be placed on hundreds of millions of milk carton side panels.

Hundreds of national, regional, and local businesses, too numerous to mention individually, later joined the program by donating space on packaging or printing informational flyers, posters, and other handouts to help our nation's missing children efforts.

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