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Our Child Safety Mascot Safetypup®

safetypup intro 1985

Safetypup® was first introduced to the world on February 12, 1985, at a news conference in Washington, D.C., by award-winning actress Rita Moreno who served as spokeswoman. The conference was carried on CNN News, Good Morning America, and many news stations and newspapers across the United States.

Safetypup® was created & developed, by NCSC's Research & Development Department, to be a special friend to all children. Safetypup® makes learning about safety issues fun, entertaining, and non-threatening. Safetypup® has become familiar to hundreds of thousands of children from all over the country who view Safetypup® as a trusted friend.

Since his introduction, Safetypup® has proven to be a successful learning tool used by law enforcement officers and teachers across the country.

  • Safetypup® has appeared on a variety of milk cartons with educational safety tips. Accordingly, his picture has been distributed in the billions to school lunchrooms and homes across the country.
  • Safetypup® has joined the ranks of many law enforcement agencies throughout the nation. Law officers have used their puppet versions of Safetypup® for presentations to children in hundreds of schools.
  • Safetypup® appears in NCSC safety awareness and prevention education programs and materials for law enforcement officers and teachers. This adds continuity to the programs and identity to the organization.
safetypup stay safe and sound

Safetypup® is a registered trademark of NCSC.

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