General Safety Education Materials

Learning about preventing accidents, crime, and abuse is not exclusively for children. Adults can benefit from many of our materials. Parents who are aware of safety precautions can make life safe for themselves and, they can pass on that knowledge to their children by their example and instruction.

#052 Safety Guide for Kid Sitters
Child Protection

5228-page, full-color booklet - MS, JH, SH, P, A

KidSitting can be a great way for teens to earn money. It’s a good way to learn a lot about children, families, having jobs, and managing money. NCSC’s Safety Guide for KidSittersTM can help teens decide if they are ready to take on a kid sitting job and outline what is expected of a sitter. 

Booklet includes fill in the blank information charts and address book, cut apart reinforcement Safetypup® tokens for kids, and cut apart KidSitter calling cards teens can personalize.

Topics: Are you old enough to care for children by yourself; Consider why you want to be a KidSitter; Will you be able to handle the job; Can you cope; Have a business plan; Keep yourself SAFE; What Kids LIke To Do; Kids Song List; Know the kids chart; Build a KidSitter Kit; Basic Child Care, Emergency Skills; Security; Fire Safety; Problem Behavior; My Address Book; My Notes; Family Profile/Family Info. Chart; Safetypup® Tokens (For the kids!); Calling Cards

* NOTE: This publication is designed to present information but is not intended as a comprehensive professional babysitting or medical course. Children may want to learn other life saving techniques such as CPR through local groups or programs.

#118 Safety Basics - for families
Child Protection

#118 Safety Basics - for families8-page booklet - A, P

NCSC presents the basics of child safety in an easy-to-read booklet for parents to discuss with their children.

Topics: Poison Prevention; Drug Awareness; Bicycle Safety; How to Protect Your Child; and Safe Walker & Safe Rider.

#890 Delusions - Vital Teen Topics
Drug Prevention


Bullying, Drug Prevention, Sexual Assault Prevention, Violence Prevention

16 page full color Tall Book – JH, SH, A,P,D

Don't have any "Delusions" about teen issues, know the facts!. Presents vital information on topics concerning everyday situations teens could find themselves in and the consequences of possible risky behavior. 

Topics: Safe Dating, Sexting, Bullies, Mean Girls, Cyberbullies, Choking Game, Distracted Driving, and the Cinnamon Challenge.

#144 Distracted Driving
Drug Prevention

144Full-color sheetlet - JH, SH

Topics: Types of Driving Distractions; Cell Phones; Hands-Free Calling; Texting & Driving; and Safety Tips.

#688 Emergency Vehicles: Know What To Do In An Emergency
General Safety


11x17, 2-Sided Police/Sheriff Car and Safety Town Punch-out Activity Sheet - LE, D

Emergency vehicles are important in any town. With this activity, children can learn about emergency vehicles, including what to do if you hear or see an emergency vehicle, while creating their own Safety Town. Activity sheet comes complete with a reversible fire police/sheriff vehicle and a town skyline featuring a hospital, school, house, police station, and sheriff's department, which all feature address numbers.

Safetypup® and law enforcement officers on the reversible stand-up cards teach valuable concepts on Playground Safety, Bully Prevention, Child Abduction Prevention, Bicycle Helmet Safety, Seat Belt Safety, Drug Abuse Prevention, and How to Dial 9-1-1 in an Emergency.

This punch-out activity sheet can be assembled by folding. NO scissors or tape are required. A great tool for a well-rounded discussion about vital safety issues.

Topics:  Bicycle Helmet Safety; Bully Prevention; Child Abduction Prevention; Drug Abuse Prevention; How to Dial 9-1-1 in an Emergency; Playground Safety; Seat Belt Safety.


#061 Playground Safety with Safetypup®
General Safety

#61 Playground Safety with Safetypup®2-sided activity/colorsheet - LE

Safetypup® presents vital playground safety rules to children through activities and a "promise" the child recites. An adult and the child sign and date the sheet.

#065 In an Emergency Dial 9-1-1
General Safety

065Mini book - LE, UE

Safetypup® explains how and why to dial 9-1-1 in a story format.

#067 Play it Safe
General Safety

067Mini book - UE

Kids team up with Safetypup® to learn the rules for safe playing in and around playground areas.

Topics: Playground Dangers; Safety Around Swings; Slides; See-Saws; Merry-Go-Rounds; Monkey Bars; Sports Safety; Traffic Safety; Safe Walker Rules.

#087 In an Emergency Dial 9-1-1
General Safety

087Telephone Sticker - F

Colorful, eye-catching sticker of Safetypup® that can be placed on a telephone to remind family members what number to dial in an emergency.

#183 10 Tornado Tips
General Safety

183Tri Fold - UE

Helps kids learn about tornadoes and how to be prepared.

Topics: A Tornado; Know the Signs; Spotters & Chasers; Watches & Warnings; At Home; At School; In Other Buildings; Outside; A Survival Kit; Family Contact; After a Tornado; and Be Prepared.

#701 Learn to be a Safe Walker /Safe Rider
General Safety

#701 Learn to be a Safe Walker /Safe Rider24-page manual - LE

Manual helps children learn how to walk safely by avoiding something dangerous, being aware of dangerous situations, and knowing what to do in an emergency. Manual includes songs, games and activities.

Topics: Be a Safe Walker; Stop, Look, and Listen in Town/Country; Safety Friends Keep Us Safe; Asking For Help;Traffic Signals; Listen for Sirens; Know the Signs; Always Ask for Permission; We Play Safely; Learn About Hazards; Be Seen At Night; Who Is A Stranger; Know Your Family Secret Code Word; Only Ride with a Trusted Adult; Types of Child Seats; Be Safe Riding In A Car; Plan a Safe Trip; Keep Your Seat Belt On; Be a Safe Rider.

#706 Be a Safe Walker! Be a Safe Rider!
General Safety

#706 Be a Safe Walker! Be a Safe Rider!2-sided, activity/colorsheet - LE

Safetypup presents vital Safe Walker and Safe Rider rules to children through activites and a "promise" the child recites. An adult and the child sign and date the sheet.


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