Materials for Adults
#052 Safety Guide for Kid Sitters
Child Protection

5228-page, full-color booklet - MS, JH, SH, P, A

KidSitting can be a great way for teens to earn money. It’s a good way to learn a lot about children, families, having jobs, and managing money. NCSC’s Safety Guide for KidSittersTM can help teens decide if they are ready to take on a kid sitting job and outline what is expected of a sitter. 

Booklet includes fill in the blank information charts and address book, cut apart reinforcement Safetypup® tokens for kids, and cut apart KidSitter calling cards teens can personalize.

Topics: Are you old enough to care for children by yourself; Consider why you want to be a KidSitter; Will you be able to handle the job; Can you cope; Have a business plan; Keep yourself SAFE; What Kids LIke To Do; Kids Song List; Know the kids chart; Build a KidSitter Kit; Basic Child Care, Emergency Skills; Security; Fire Safety; Problem Behavior; My Address Book; My Notes; Family Profile/Family Info. Chart; Safetypup® Tokens (For the kids!); Calling Cards

* NOTE: This publication is designed to present information but is not intended as a comprehensive professional babysitting or medical course. Children may want to learn other life saving techniques such as CPR through local groups or programs.

#083 Safetypup® Sticker
Specialty Items

083Full-color sticker of Safetypup® - A

Safety message featured on the back side.

#087 In an Emergency Dial 9-1-1
General Safety

087Telephone Sticker - F

Colorful, eye-catching sticker of Safetypup® that can be placed on a telephone to remind family members what number to dial in an emergency.

#088 "I'm not a Bully" Silica Gel Wristband: Camo
Specialty Items


Silica Gel, one size fits most - E, A, D

A fun and colorful way to show your support for your local child safety and Safetypup® program by enhancing community awareness.

Message: I'm not a Bully.

Color: Camo.

#088G "I'm not a Bully" Silica Gel Wristband: Green
Specialty Items


Silica Gel, one size fits most - E, A, D

A fun and colorful way to show your support for your local child safety and Safetypup® program by enhancing community awareness.

Message: I'm not a Bully.

Color: Green.

#088P "I'm not a BULLY" Silica Gel Wristband: Pink Camo
Specialty Items

088pSilica Gel, one size fits most - E, A, D

A fun and colorful way to show your support for your local child safety and Safetypup® program by enhancing community awareness.

Message: I'm not a BULLY.

Color: Pink Camouflage.

#088R "I'M DRUG-FREE" Silica Gel Wristband: Red
Specialty Items

088rSilica Gel, one size fits most - E, A, D

A fun and colorful way to show your support for your local child safety and Safetypup® program by enhancing community awareness.

Message: I'M DRUG-FREE

Color: Red.

#106 Hey, Parents - Let's Learn About Dangerous Situations
Child Protection


Full-color brochure - P

This folder contains vital protection information about child abduction prevention for adults.

Topics: Missing Children; Personal Safety; Lures; Dangerous People; Child Care; and Special Family Issues.

#113 What If A Stranger . . .
Child Protection

113Mini book - LE, UE, A

Role-playing book about dangerous lures strangers or others use on children. Wonderful tool for adults to use when discussing and explaining dangerous situations to children.

#116 Young People Prints®
Child Protection

#116 Young People Prints®Fingerprinting card - P, D

Professional-grade card sized to fit law enforcement fingerprint cardholders. Can be used with commercial fingerprinting ink by fingerprinting professionals. Card is stored by parents in a child's personal identification information file. Features room for a child's personal identification information, fingerprints, dental chart, and DNA sample.

#117 Fingerprint & Photo I.D. File (with ink strip)
Child Protection

Child protection kit - P

This compact 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" card unfolds to reveal several areas of child identification for parents to fill out including: Fingerprinting (includes ink strip); Dental Records; Area for a Lock of Your Child's Hair; Your Child's Information; Physical Description; Checklist for Photos; and What to Do If Your Child Is Missing. Fill out one card per child and keep it in a safe place at home where it can be easily located and given to your local law enforcement should a mishap occur.

#118 Safety Basics - for families
Child Protection

#118 Safety Basics - for families8-page booklet - A, P

NCSC presents the basics of child safety in an easy-to-read booklet for parents to discuss with their children.

Topics: Poison Prevention; Drug Awareness; Bicycle Safety; How to Protect Your Child; and Safe Walker & Safe Rider.

#121 Internet Safety
Internet Safety

1218-page, full-color booklet - F

A family guide to Internet safety.

Topics: Internet Abusers; Internet Crimes; E-mail & Spam; Passwords; Profiling; Chatrooms; Newsgroups, Bulletin Boards, & Forums; Parental Controls; Sexual Predators; Cyber Stalkers; Computer Safety; Parent Checklist; Tips for Kids & Adults.

#258 Why Guess? About Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs
Drug Prevention

258b16 page full color Tall Book – JH, SH, A,P,D

Why guess? Know the facts about the misuse and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs!  Presents vital information on Alcohol, Tobacco, and other drugs, stressing the consequences of use and abuse.

Topics: Synthetic Drugs, Bath Salts, K2/Spice; Over-the-counter drugs, Prescription drugs, Pharm parties; Inhalants; Tobacco; Marijuana; Alcohol; Zero Tolerance; Consequences 

#275 Inhalants
Drug Prevention

#275 InhalantsFull-color folder - A, P, D

Topics: Dusting, Helium, Nitrous Oxide, Butyl & Amyl Nitrite, Solvents & Aerosols, Signs of Use, Long-Term Use, Treatment, Side Effects

#278 Alcohol
Drug Prevention

#278 AlcoholFull-color trifold - A, P, D

Topics: Binge Drinking, Women & Alcohol, Alcohol Poisoning, Chugging, Side Effects, Questionnaire to Identify an Alcoholic

#279 Heroin
Drug Prevention

279Full-color trifold - A, P, D

Topics: Black Tar Heroin; Signs of Heroin Use; Cheese; Krokodil; Side Effects; Treatment; Help for Addicts.

#282 Drug Abuse Chart
Drug Prevention

#282 Drug Abuse ChartFull-color folder/chart poster - A, P, D

Topics: Synthetic Drugs, K-2/Spice,  Bath Salts, Stimulants, Depressants, Marijuana, Hallucinogens, Solvents, Anabolic Steroids, Signs of Use, Inside Folded Poster-Sized Drug Chart

#283 Tobacco
Drug Prevention

#283 TobaccoFull-color folder - A, P, D

Topics: Cigars, Cigarettes, Smokeless Tobacco, Secondhand Smoke, Effects of Use, Ways to Quit

#288 Synthetic Drugs Tri-fold
Drug Prevention

288Full-color trifold- A, P, D

 Facts about the misuse and abuse of synthetic drugs.

Topics: Synthetic Drugs – What They Are & Where Are They Found; K-2/Spice; Bath Salts; Signs & Effects; and The Law.

#5801 Violence
Violence Prevention

580132-page, full-color book - A, P, D

This publication is being used successfully by local law enforcement departments for concerned adults and parents with children of all ages. This publication is designed to present information about violence to employers, employees, and the general public. It is not intended as professional training, legal, medical, or psychological advice. Efforts were made to provide current and authoritative information. Consult your law enforcement department or any other service that specializes in the training and study of violent behavior before undertaking any steps discussed in the publication.

Topics include: Juvenile Crime; Profiling: Violence in the Media; Signs of Violence: School Threats; Anger; Bullies; Mean Girls; Cyberbullying; Sexual Harassment; Discipline & Anger; Adult Bullies; Workplace Violence; Dating Violence; Sexual Assault; Domestic Violence; School Violence; Guns & Weapons, School Violence Prevention; Gangs; Citizens on Patrol; Conflict Resolution; Helplines & Websites

#623 Is Your Home Safe?
Crime Prevention

623 16 page full-color booklet - A, D

Handy informational booklet with tips and suggestions for communities, block watch & neighborhood watch groups, or individual homeowners who want to help safeguard their homes and business.

Topics: Are Your Prepared?; Environmental Design, Control Access, Elements of Crime, Sense of Ownership, 3 Types of Surveillance; Secure Doors, exterior doors, Garages; Gated Communities; Secure Locks; Security Systems; Windows & Glass; Are you a Target?

Companion to #626 Is Your Home Safe? 24 page full color book.


#624 Household Inventory Planner
Crime Prevention

644 24-page full-color bookelt - A, D

This book is great for communities, block watch & neighborhood watch groups, or individual homeowners who want to help safeguard their homes.

Color-coded booklet pages cascade to make finding inventory lists easier. Catalog your household and personal items. Use it in case of a home disaster, burglary, fire, or death - for replacement, insurance, or identification purposes. Keep the planner in a safe place such as a fire-proof cabinet or safe. Store a duplicate copy away from yhour home such as a close friend or relative's home or a safe deposit box.

Can be used easily in a three ring binder by punching holes in the marked areas.

Topics: Inventory Planner; Pre-labeled pages for Home Space, Appliances/Electronics, Clothing/Jewerly, Collectibles/ Hobbies/ Toys, Sports Equipment/ Porch/ Patio/ Yard/ Shed/ Misc, and an Inventory Total page.


Download Extra Pages

Have you filled in all the pages of the Household Inventory Planner? No problem, simply download and print extra pages to add to your planner here.

#626 Is Your Home Safe?
Crime Prevention

626B 24-page full-color book - A, D

This book is great for communities, block watch & neighborhood watch groups, or individual homeowners who want to help safeguard their homes.

Topics: Are Your Prepared? Environmental Design: Control Access, Elements of Crime, Types of Surveillance, Design – See & Be Seen, Sense of Ownership, Is the Welcome Mat Out? Open Door Policy, Strangers; Gated Communities: Shared Amenities, Design Control; Is Your Neighborhood Safe? Neighborhood Watch, COP Programs; Windows & Glass: Requirements, French Doors, Sliding Glass Doors; Secure Doors: Garage Doors, Exterior Doors; Is Anybody Home? 20 Tips for When You're Away on Vacation; Secure Locks: Keys, Lock Security Checklist; Protecting Valuables: Marking/Labeling, Cataloging, Storing; Visibility & Access: Landscaping, House Numbers, Fences, Lighting; Need A Security System? Types of Systems, Home Safes, Keyless & Biometric Locks, Installation Checklist; Workplace Violence: Working Alone, Stages of Aggression, Threats; Crime In the Workplace: If You Are Being Robbed, After the Robbery, Prevention Tips; Home Invasion: Attacks, Burglaries, Vandalism, Taken Hostage, Family Escape Plan; Reporting a Crime: Local Emergency Numbers, Being a Witness; Talk With Kids About Crime/Security Review Checklist; Are Your Vehicles Safe? Identifying Your Car, Anti-Theft Devices, On The Road, Vehicle Security Checklist, Buying or Selling, Watercraft Security.

#661 Domestic Violence
Sexual Assault Prevention

#661 Domestic ViolenceFull-color brochure - A

Vital information on domestic violence and related topics is presented for an adult audience.

Topics: Types of Domestic Violence; Stalking; Signs of Abuse; Violent Relationship Quiz; If You Are A Victim; Help for Victims; If You Plan to Leave

#671 IDentity Theft Booklet
Identity Theft

6718-page, full-color booklet - A

A comprehensive guide for adults of all ages. Discusses the crime of identity theft and how to prevent it from happening to you.

Topics: Pretexting; 10 Ways Thieves Use Your Information; Tips on Minimizing Your Risk; Your SSN, Credit Cards, Banking, ATM Card & PIN, and DMV; If Your Are a Victim; Notifying Law Enforcement; Prevention; and Information Sharing.

#672 IDentity Theft, Personal Account Inventory
Identity Theft

672Full-color brochure - A

A "must have" for adults of all ages. Space for personal account information for quick reference if an identity theft occurs.

Topics: Major Credit/Debit Cards; Bank/Financial Institutions; Loans; Birth Certificates; Social Security Number; and Victim Tips.

#684 Friendly Police Emergency Telephone Numbers
Friendly Police

#684 Friendly Police Emergency Telephone NumbersWipe-off card - A

Reusable wipe-off card to post by telephones in case of an emergency. Large writing area and graphics make this card especially useful for children and seniors.

#694 Friendly Sheriff Emergency Telephone Numbers
Friendly Sheriff

#694 Friendly Sheriff Emergency Telephone NumbersWipe-off card - F

Reusable wipe-off card to post by telephones in case of an emergency. Large writing area and graphics make this card especially useful for children and seniors.

#781 Confusions 12 - A Comprehensive Guide For Adults About Alcohol and Other Drugs & Topics
Drug Prevention

781 24-page, full-color book, - A, P, D

The premier guide about alcohol and other drugs. This publication is designed to present information about alcohol and other drugs to employers, employees, and the general adult public. It is not intended for kids or teens.

Topics Include: Methamphetamine: Strawberry Quick, "Shake & Bake:" Club Drugs: Ecstasy/MDMA, "Molly," GHB, Ketamine; Cocaine: Crack; Depressants: Tranquilizers, Xanax, Barbiturates; Heroin: Cheese, Krokodil, Black Tar Heroin; Narcotics: OxyContin, Vicodin; Stimulants: Ritalin, Prozac, Ice, Khat, Cat; Hallucinogens: PCP, LSD, Analogs; Inhalants: Huffing, Sniffing, Bagging, Torch Breathing, Dusting; Tobacco: Secondhand Smoke, Cigars, Hookahs, Chewing Tobacco, Dip/Chew, No-Spit Smokeless Tobacco, Dissolvables, E-Cigarettes; Marijuana: Sinsemilla, Medical Marijuana, Hashish; Alcohol: Underage Drinking, Binge Drinking, Smoking or Vaporizing Alcohol, Alcohol Poisoning, Chugging & Absorbing Alcohol; D.U.I – D.W.I.: DUI, DWI, OWI, OMVI, Drugs & Driving, BAC Levels, Responsible Hosts; Drugs in the Workplace: Drug-Free Workplace, High-Risk Behaviors, EAPS; Kids At-Risk: The Choking Game, Underage Drinking & Driving, Robo-Tripping & Skittling, Pharm Parties; In The News: Synthetic Drugs (K2/Spice, Bath Salts), Drunk on Hand Sanitizer, The Cinnamon Challenge, Distracted Driving, Texting & Driving; Bullies: Sexual Harassment, Cyberbullying, Sexting; and Adult Bullying.

#870 Bullies
Violence Prevention

870Full-color brochure - A, P

Topics: Bullying; Hate Crime; Assault; Extortion; Hazing; Characteristics of a Bully; Types of Bullying; If You Think Your Child is a Bully; Identifying a Bullying Victim; If Your Child is Being Bullied; Cyberbullying; Sexual Harrassment; Types of Bullying; Sextortion; and Prevention.

#878 Adult Bullies
Violence Prevention

#878 Adult BulliesFull-color brochure - A, P

Topics: What is Bullying; Types of Bullies; Are You Being Bullied?; Are You a Bully?; The Law; and Workplace Bullying.

#879 Mean Girls
Violence Prevention

#879 Mean GirlsFull-color brochure - A, P

Topics: Bullying; Girlfighting; Mean Girls; and Cliques.

#880 Cyberbullies
Violence Prevention

#880 CyberbulliesFull-color brochure - A, P

Topics: E-mail; Web Postings; Chat Rooms; Bulletin Boards; Blogs/Online Journals; Cell Phones/Text Messages; Sexting; and IMing.

#890 Delusions - Vital Teen Topics
Drug Prevention


Bullying, Drug Prevention, Sexual Assault Prevention, Violence Prevention

16 page full color Tall Book – JH, SH, A,P,D

Don't have any "Delusions" about teen issues, know the facts!. Presents vital information on topics concerning everyday situations teens could find themselves in and the consequences of possible risky behavior. 

Topics: Safe Dating, Sexting, Bullies, Mean Girls, Cyberbullies, Choking Game, Distracted Driving, and the Cinnamon Challenge.

#912 Child Abuse & Neglect
Child Protection

#912 Child Abuse & NeglectFull-color folder - P, A

An informational folder on the issue of child abuse for adults.

Topics: Physical Abuse; Neglect; Sexual Abuse; Emotional Abuse; Other Types of Abuse - Parental/Caregiver Substance Abuse and Abandonment; Mandatory Reporting Laws; Suspected Abuse or Neglect; Anonymous Reporting.

#915 Sexual Assault Tall Book
Sexual Assault Prevention

915Tall Book - JH, SH, A

Our Sexual Assault Tall Book has a new look and edited information. A candid presentation of pertinent sexual assault prevention information.

Topics: Sexual Assault; Warning Signs of a Dangerous Relationship; Types of Sexual Assault; Stalking; Sexual Harassment; Date Rape; Ways to Protect Yourself; Survivor Tips; and more.


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