Stranger Danger
#108 Beware & Be Aware
Child Protection

108Full-color brochure - UE

This folder contains vital protection information about child abduction prevention for older children.

Topics: Child Abduction Prevention Tips; "No Touch" Zones; Who is a Stranger, Dangerous Person, or Abductor.

#113 What If A Stranger . . .
Child Protection

113Mini book - LE, UE, A

Role-playing book about dangerous lures strangers or others use on children. Wonderful tool for adults to use when discussing and explaining dangerous situations to children.

#561 Safetypup® and the Safetysaurus Dinosaur
Safety Manuals

#561 Safetypup® and the Safetysaurus DinosaurFor ages 6-7, 24 pages (English/Spanish)

Join Safetypup® and the Safetysaurus in a fun, safety-filled prehistoric adventure. The safety lessons are presented through age-appropriate games, such as puzzles, mazes, wordsearches, rebus games, art projects, cut & paste, dot-to-dot, and crossword puzzles, featuring early learning concepts such as telling time, writing, drawing, colors, sequencing, number recognition, and more.

Topics: Fall Prevention; Kitchen Safety; Telephone Safety; My Address; Safe Walker; Safety Signs; Safe Walking Routes; Bus Safety; Good Guys/Bad Guys; Yell & Tell; Safety Friends; Sharp Points; Poisons; Safe Play; Safe Swimming; Safe Boating; Storm Safety; Bike Safety; Electrical Safety; Home Safety; Certificate of Completion.

#641 100 Ways to Beware and Be Aware of Dangerous People
Child Protection

#641 100 Ways to Beware and Be Aware of Dangerous People24-page manual - LE

This manual helps children learn how to protect themselves from dangerous strangers and situations. It helps explain the potentially dangerous situations children may have to face at home and in the community. Children are encouraged to read & learn the 100 safety rules and practice them every day. Children can count the 100 safety rules, reinforcing this early learning experience.

Topics: Good Guys/Bad Guys; Telephone Safety; How to Report an Emergency; Home Safety; Know Your Address; Yell & Tell; Home Safety; Computer Safety; School Safety; Playground Safety; Shopping Safety; Theater or Arcade Safety; Zoo and Park Safety; Pool & Beach Safety; Public Restrooms; Plane, Train, & Bus Safety; Hotel/Motel Safety; Review and Certificate of Completion.


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