Sexual Assault
#112 All About Touching - The Right Kind and the Wrong Kind
Sexual Assault Prevention

112Mini book - LE

A Sexual Assault Prevention Booklet.
Helps children identify right touching from wrong touching and know what to do about it to keep from being hurt. Storybook format using animals keeps children's interest without scaring the sensitive child.

"All About Touching" now features a QR (Quick Response) Code; a black digital square on the front cover. Law Enforcement Officers, teachers, parents/adults, and kids can click on the QR Code with a phone or tablet QR reader to hear the story. A QR Code file appears on your screen and you play it just like any audio file, over and over again.

You can hear the story told by Safetypup® and other characters in the book. This “support reading” is not only fun to listen to but helps kids who struggle with reading. These kids often lose the gist of a story because they are concentrating on reading individual words. By listening to the book as they read along the barrier of the printed word is eliminated making learning possible. Listening to the story while reading along encourages a deeper learning experience for all kids including children with reading disabilities.

Adult supervision is recommended.

#915 A Guide to Education & Prevention of Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault Prevention

#646 A Guide to Education & Prevention of Sexual Assault24-page booklet - JH, SH, A

A candid presentation of pertinent sexual assault prevention information

Topics: Types of Sexual Assault (incest, stranger sexual assault, marital rape, campus rape, men against men, seniors, date rape, sexual harassment, stalking, obscene phone calls); Self-Defense Devices (self-defence sprays, lethal weapons); Methods of Resistance (active resistance, passive resistance, self-defense courses); Protecting Yourself (ATM safety, walking/jogging safety, car smarts, working late); Alcohol and Other Drugs (date rape drugs); Dating Do's and Don'ts; If You Are Sexually Assaulted (What to do, tests, the law); Victims Compensation; The Road to Recovery (rape trauma syndrome, ways to help a survivor)

#917 What is Sexual Assault?
Sexual Assault Prevention

#649 What is Sexual Assault?Bookmark - JH, SH, A

Bookmark features a true/false quiz and smart dating information.

#661 Domestic Violence
Sexual Assault Prevention

#661 Domestic ViolenceFull-color brochure - A

Vital information on domestic violence and related topics is presented for an adult audience.

Topics: Types of Domestic Violence; Stalking; Signs of Abuse; Violent Relationship Quiz; If You Are A Victim; Help for Victims; If You Plan to Leave

#5801 Violence
Violence Prevention

580132-page, full-color book - A, P, D

This publication is being used successfully by local law enforcement departments for concerned adults and parents with children of all ages. This publication is designed to present information about violence to employers, employees, and the general public. It is not intended as professional training, legal, medical, or psychological advice. Efforts were made to provide current and authoritative information. Consult your law enforcement department or any other service that specializes in the training and study of violent behavior before undertaking any steps discussed in the publication.

Topics include: Juvenile Crime; Profiling: Violence in the Media; Signs of Violence: School Threats; Anger; Bullies; Mean Girls; Cyberbullying; Sexual Harassment; Discipline & Anger; Adult Bullies; Workplace Violence; Dating Violence; Sexual Assault; Domestic Violence; School Violence; Guns & Weapons, School Violence Prevention; Gangs; Citizens on Patrol; Conflict Resolution; Helplines & Websites

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