#127 Internet Safety An activity book on keeping safe while chatting, IMing, and more!
Internet Safety

#127 Internet Safety An activity book on keeping safe while chatting, IMing, and more!8-page, full-color activity book - UE, MS

This booklet provides information on safe computer use and potential dangers children can experience when using the Internet.

Topics include: What is the Internet; User Profile; Computer Safety; Search Engines & Browsers; E-Mail, Spam, Viruses, & Cookies; Netiquette; Chatrooms, IMing, Newsgroups, Bulletin Boards, & Forums; Short Cuts; Protect Yourself; Online Meetings; Shopping Online; and Pop-Up Windows.

#124 Internet Safety
Internet Safety

124Mini book - LE

Safetypup® and "Maui the Computer Mouse"™ help children learn about all aspects of computer safety.

Topics: Parts of the Computer; History of Computers; How Computers Work; Internet Safety; Dangerous Strangers; On-Line Safety Tips; Computer Respect; Software Respect.

#123 Internet Safety
Internet Safety

#123 Internet SafetyFull-color brochure - UE, MS

Comprehensive information about computer safety and courtesy in a colorful eye-catching format featuring age-appropriate games and puzzles and a "Did You Know" Quiz.

Topics: Tips on Keeping Safe While Chatting; IMing; Online Predators; and much more.

#121 Internet Safety
Internet Safety

1218-page, full-color booklet - F

A family guide to Internet safety.

Topics: Internet Abusers; Internet Crimes; E-mail & Spam; Passwords; Profiling; Chatrooms; Newsgroups, Bulletin Boards, & Forums; Parental Controls; Sexual Predators; Cyber Stalkers; Computer Safety; Parent Checklist; Tips for Kids & Adults.


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