#256 Most Kids Don’t Use Drugs
Drug Prevention

25628 page Flip-book, 6 ¼” x 3 3/4” - UE, MS

The “Most Kids Don’t Use Drugs” flip-book covers vital drug use prevention information in a fun and exciting way. The information is broken down into short easy to understand pages with attention getting cartoons that makes for a quick read to keep kid’s attention. It features colorful cascading pages on each of the gateway drug topics and more: Alcohol, Marijuana, Tobacco, and Inhalants. The back two pages cover Over-the-Counter Drugs and Prescription Drugs. Even though the character is a cartoon drawing, he has an edgy type of art style, which should appeal to upper elementary and possibly middle school-age kids.

Topics Covered: Alcohol; Marijuana; Tobacco; Inhalants; Over-the-Counter Drugs and Prescription Drugs; Safety Friends; Choose Good Friends; Gateway Drugs; You’ve Only Got One Body®; Listen to Yourself; Safety Leaders; How to say “NO” and mean it; Peer Pressure; Bullies, About Habits, Drug Addiction, and Zero Tolerance.

#254 Why Risk It?
Drug Prevention

25420 page Comic Book (Graphic Novel), 6 ¼” x 10 ¼” - UE, MS

Why Risk It? Is a brand new type of material for NCSC. It is printed on paper, which is like a real comic book. It is a mix of cartoon and real photos and features Safetypup®. This book stresses that not all kids do drugs and concentrates on the consequences of your choices where drug use is concerned.

Comic books can hook early readers with cool illustrations and easy-to-follow stories. They can be the variety kids need to encourage them to read about important topics that were not as interesting when presented in other ways. Information on drug prevention can be incredibly daunting for kids; a wall of words, overwhelming to start and impossible to finish. This means it can be vital to use different teaching methods and tools. Comic books are the perfect information vehicle. They divide up the text into manageable chunks, which is supported by images. These images help readers increase their comprehension through the connection between words and images.

Topics Covered: Alcohol; Tobacco; Marijuana; Inhalants; Steroids; Over the Counter Drugs; Prescription Drugs; Peer Pressure; How to say “NO” and mean it; Bullies; Safety Friends; Choosing Good Friends; Think for Yourself; Texting and Driving; Drinking and Driving; Distracted Driving; Zero Tolerance; Secondhand Smoke; Spitting Tobacco; Chewing Tobacco; Dissolvables; Addiction; Steroids; Supplements; Sports; and Steroids.

#781 Confusions 12 - A Comprehensive Guide For Adults About Alcohol and Other Drugs & Topics
Drug Prevention

781 24-page, full-color book, - A, P, D

The premier guide about alcohol and other drugs. This publication is designed to present information about alcohol and other drugs to employers, employees, and the general adult public. It is not intended for kids or teens.

Topics Include: Methamphetamine: Strawberry Quick, "Shake & Bake:" Club Drugs: Ecstasy/MDMA, "Molly," GHB, Ketamine; Cocaine: Crack; Depressants: Tranquilizers, Xanax, Barbiturates; Heroin: Cheese, Krokodil, Black Tar Heroin; Narcotics: OxyContin, Vicodin; Stimulants: Ritalin, Prozac, Ice, Khat, Cat; Hallucinogens: PCP, LSD, Analogs; Inhalants: Huffing, Sniffing, Bagging, Torch Breathing, Dusting; Tobacco: Secondhand Smoke, Cigars, Hookahs, Chewing Tobacco, Dip/Chew, No-Spit Smokeless Tobacco, Dissolvables, E-Cigarettes; Marijuana: Sinsemilla, Medical Marijuana, Hashish; Alcohol: Underage Drinking, Binge Drinking, Smoking or Vaporizing Alcohol, Alcohol Poisoning, Chugging & Absorbing Alcohol; D.U.I – D.W.I.: DUI, DWI, OWI, OMVI, Drugs & Driving, BAC Levels, Responsible Hosts; Drugs in the Workplace: Drug-Free Workplace, High-Risk Behaviors, EAPS; Kids At-Risk: The Choking Game, Underage Drinking & Driving, Robo-Tripping & Skittling, Pharm Parties; In The News: Synthetic Drugs (K2/Spice, Bath Salts), Drunk on Hand Sanitizer, The Cinnamon Challenge, Distracted Driving, Texting & Driving; Bullies: Sexual Harassment, Cyberbullying, Sexting; and Adult Bullying.

#258 Why Guess? About Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs
Drug Prevention

258b16 page full color Tall Book – JH, SH, A,P,D

Why guess? Know the facts about the misuse and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs!  Presents vital information on Alcohol, Tobacco, and other drugs, stressing the consequences of use and abuse.

Topics: Synthetic Drugs, Bath Salts, K2/Spice; Over-the-counter drugs, Prescription drugs, Pharm parties; Inhalants; Tobacco; Marijuana; Alcohol; Zero Tolerance; Consequences 

#236 Drugs are Dangerous - A Guide to Gateway Drugs
Drug Prevention

2364-pg. full-color booklet - UE, MS

An informative guide to Gateway Drugs, presented in a condensed format with tie-dye artwork, emojis, and hashtags to grab kids' attention.

Topics include: Introduction; Under 21 Consequences; Alcohol; Marijuana; Tobacco; Inhalants; Over-the-Counter Drugs; and Prescription Drugs.

#259 Illusions - An Informative Guide about Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs for Teens
Drug Prevention

2598-page, full-color book - JH, SH

This publication is designed to present information about alcohol and other drug abuse to families and teens.

Topics: Alcohol; Drinking & Driving; Distracted Driving (Texting While Driving); Bullies; Mean Girls; Cyberbullying; Self Protection; Strangers; Club Drugs; Safe Dating; Internet Safety; Sexting; Marijuana; Medical Marijuana; K-2/Spice; Tobacco; Spitting/Chew Tobacco; Flavored Cigarettes; and Hookahs.


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