House Numbers
#624 Household Inventory Planner
Crime Prevention

644 24-page full-color bookelt - A, D

This book is great for communities, block watch & neighborhood watch groups, or individual homeowners who want to help safeguard their homes.

Color-coded booklet pages cascade to make finding inventory lists easier. Catalog your household and personal items. Use it in case of a home disaster, burglary, fire, or death - for replacement, insurance, or identification purposes. Keep the planner in a safe place such as a fire-proof cabinet or safe. Store a duplicate copy away from yhour home such as a close friend or relative's home or a safe deposit box.

Can be used easily in a three ring binder by punching holes in the marked areas.

Topics: Inventory Planner; Pre-labeled pages for Home Space, Appliances/Electronics, Clothing/Jewerly, Collectibles/ Hobbies/ Toys, Sports Equipment/ Porch/ Patio/ Yard/ Shed/ Misc, and an Inventory Total page.


Download Extra Pages

Have you filled in all the pages of the Household Inventory Planner? No problem, simply download and print extra pages to add to your planner here.

#626 Is Your Home Safe?
Crime Prevention

626B 24-page full-color book - A, D

This book is great for communities, block watch & neighborhood watch groups, or individual homeowners who want to help safeguard their homes.

Topics: Are Your Prepared? Environmental Design: Control Access, Elements of Crime, Types of Surveillance, Design – See & Be Seen, Sense of Ownership, Is the Welcome Mat Out? Open Door Policy, Strangers; Gated Communities: Shared Amenities, Design Control; Is Your Neighborhood Safe? Neighborhood Watch, COP Programs; Windows & Glass: Requirements, French Doors, Sliding Glass Doors; Secure Doors: Garage Doors, Exterior Doors; Is Anybody Home? 20 Tips for When You're Away on Vacation; Secure Locks: Keys, Lock Security Checklist; Protecting Valuables: Marking/Labeling, Cataloging, Storing; Visibility & Access: Landscaping, House Numbers, Fences, Lighting; Need A Security System? Types of Systems, Home Safes, Keyless & Biometric Locks, Installation Checklist; Workplace Violence: Working Alone, Stages of Aggression, Threats; Crime In the Workplace: If You Are Being Robbed, After the Robbery, Prevention Tips; Home Invasion: Attacks, Burglaries, Vandalism, Taken Hostage, Family Escape Plan; Reporting a Crime: Local Emergency Numbers, Being a Witness; Talk With Kids About Crime/Security Review Checklist; Are Your Vehicles Safe? Identifying Your Car, Anti-Theft Devices, On The Road, Vehicle Security Checklist, Buying or Selling, Watercraft Security.


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