First Aid
#046 Official Safety Manual for ages 9-12
Safety Manuals

046For ages 9-12, grades 4-6, 24 pages

The theme of this general safety manual changes yearly to keep children's interest. Although age appropriate and more difficult, it compliments the 7-9 manual in theme, topics, and games so siblings of different age levels can enjoy the safety messages and work together.

Topics: Safety Leaders; Safety Friends; Traffic Safety; School Bus Safety; Safe Walker; Bicycle Safety; Safe Home; Home Alone Safety; Electrical Safety; Storm Safety; Swimming Safety; Boating Safety; Poison Safety; Drug Safety; Shoplifting; Vandalism; Gun Safety; First Aid; and a Review.

#166 Official Farm Safety Manual
Farm Safety

#166 Official Farm Safety Manual24-page manual- LE

Safetypup® takes a "country style" visit to a farm and ranch to learn vital safety rules and to educate parents and children about the many dangers related to the field of agriculture. Children learn while having fun through games, puzzles, cut & paste activities, codes, dot-to-dots, crafts, and more.

Topics: Falls Prevention; Protective Gear & Clothing; Dressing for the Weather; Safety Signs; Healthy Habits; Animal Safety; Livestock Safety; Lawn Care & Power Tool Safety; Tractor Safety; Field Equipment Safety; Grain & Storage Safety; Electrical Safety; Fire Escape Plans; Poisons, Pesticides, & Fertilizers; First Aid; Reporting and Emergency.


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