#058 Listen to Yourself - Not the "Gang"!
Drug Prevention

58Mini book - E

A guide to peer pressure & safe choices.

Topics: What Are Drugs? Dares; Peer Pressure; Listen to Yourself; Make the Right Decision; Help a Friend; TV, Magazines & Ads; and Vocab List.

#201 The Original Becky®'s Book about Drugs & Good Health
Drug Prevention

#201 The Original Becky®'s Book about Drugs & Good Health24-page coloring book style manual, LE

This fun, rhyming picture book featuring Safetypup® and Becky® the giraffe, emphasizes the proper place for drugs and medicines in children's lives, by repeating over and over, "Only sick people need drugs!®" This theme should be the basis for discussion between adults and children who use this book. Whenever possible, children should be urged to talk about the picture first before adults participate, then the rhyme can be read or sung together. The phrase, "Only sick people need drugs,®" should be part of the discussion for each picture to be reinforced so it will remain with the child whenever he or she is confronted with the misuse of drugs in the future.

It is important that we reach children with this concept as early as possible during the formative years, so any subsequent experiences with drugs will trigger automatic recall of this message so indelibly engraved on the mind. A fun book with a worthwhile purpose. A vital teaching tool in the ongoing educational process all through childhood. Features a special "adult discussion guide."

Topics: Safety Leaders; Healthy Habits; Saying "NO" to Dares; Medicine Safety; Drugs are Dangerous; and Poison Safety.

#237 Alcohol is Dangerous - Think! Don't Drink
Drug Prevention

#237 Alcohol is Dangerous - Think! Don't DrinkFull-color mini book- UE

Facts about alcohol for an upper elementary audience and their families.

Topics: Drugs & Medicines; Choose Good Friends, The Law, Gateway Drugs; You've Only Got One Body - You are Special; Dares are Dangerous; Listen to Yourself; Safety Friends, Safety Leaders; Ways to Say NO; About Alcohol; Side Effects of Alcohol; Zero Tolerance; and Peer Pressure.

#264 OTCs & 'Scripts
Drug Prevention

#264 OTCs & 'ScriptsFull-color sheetlet - JH, SH

Facts about over-the-counter and prescription drugs for a Junior High or Senior High audience and their families.

Topics: Over-The-Counter Drug Facts; Prescription Drug Facts; Make Good Decisions; Dare Prevention. Compliments Illusions - An Informative Guide about Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs.


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