#5710 Personal Safety
Senior Safe®

#5710 Personal SafetyFull-color brochure - SC

Topics: Identity Theft; ATM Safety; Internet Safety; Online Gambling

#5716 Senior Safe - Senior Adult Safety & Crime Prevention
Senior Safe®

#5700 Senior Safe - Senior Adult Safety & Crime Prevention
16-page full-color book - SC

This publication is designed to present information about senior adults, crime prevention, and safety for the general public.

Topics Include: Healthy Lifestyles, Vitamins & Supplements; Exercise: Walking; Drugs & Medicine: Childproofing, Web Doctors; Health Management: Flu Shot, Medical Testing; Home Security: Windows & Doors; Avoiding Falls; Household Safety: Fire Safety; Drive Safely: Unsafe Drivers; Travel Safety: Carrying Money, On The Road, Bus, Train, & Subway, At the Airport; Senior Fraud; Personal Safety: Computer Safety, Identity Theft, ATM Safety; Senior Abuse: Forms of Abuse, Signs of Abuse, Getting Help.

#631 Is Your ATM Safe?
Crime Prevention

#631 Is Your ATM Safe?Folder - A, D

Practical safety tips for adults who frequent automatic teller machines.

Topics: Drive-Up Safety; Check Cashing Stores; Safe Transactions; and Tips for Lenders

#915 A Guide to Education & Prevention of Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault Prevention

#646 A Guide to Education & Prevention of Sexual Assault24-page booklet - JH, SH, A

A candid presentation of pertinent sexual assault prevention information

Topics: Types of Sexual Assault (incest, stranger sexual assault, marital rape, campus rape, men against men, seniors, date rape, sexual harassment, stalking, obscene phone calls); Self-Defense Devices (self-defence sprays, lethal weapons); Methods of Resistance (active resistance, passive resistance, self-defense courses); Protecting Yourself (ATM safety, walking/jogging safety, car smarts, working late); Alcohol and Other Drugs (date rape drugs); Dating Do's and Don'ts; If You Are Sexually Assaulted (What to do, tests, the law); Victims Compensation; The Road to Recovery (rape trauma syndrome, ways to help a survivor)

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