Safetypup® made his debut on February 12, 1985. This official superhero was conceived and developed by the Council to be a special friend to all children. Safetypup® was first introduced at a news conference in Washington, D.C. by award-winning actress Rita Moreno who served as spokeswoman. The conference was carried on CNN News, Good Morning America, and many news stations and newspapers across the United States.

Safetypup® was developed to be a friendly and positive role model for children in an effort to make learning about safety issues fun, entertaining, and non-threatening. He has proven to be a successful learning tool used by law enforcement officers and teachers across the country.

Here are a few of Safetypup®'s many accomplishments:pupintrophoto

  • Safetypup® has appeared on various size milk cartons with educational safety tips. Accordingly, his picture has been distributed in the billions to school lunchrooms and homes across the country.
  • Safetypup® has joined the ranks of many law enforcement agencies throughout the nation. Law officers have used their puppet versions of Safetypup® for presentations to children in hundreds of schools.
  • Safetypup® appears in NCSC safety awareness/prevention education programs and materials for law enforcement officers and teachers. This adds continuity to the programs and identity to the organization.
  • Safetypup® has his own set of multimedia materials that have been created for children’s safety education.
  • Safetypup®’s image is portrayed by a cuddly hand-held puppet and a life-size costumed character. The character is treated as an auxiliary law enforcement officer by many police and sheriff departments. Many hospitals and children’s organizations use the Safetypup® character in their programs.
  • Because of his good intentions and positive personality, Safetypup® has become familiar to hundreds of thousands of children from all over the country who view Safetypup® as a role model and trusted friend.
In 1985, the Safetypup® puppet was created in the Research and Development Department of National Child Safety Council.puppetfriends

During development, NCSC contacted Jim Henson of Children's Television Workshop (Sesame Street, Muppets, etc.) for help with the designing of the Safetypup® puppet and character. Mr. Henson offered the services of his head designer, Bonnie Erikson, who spent 3 days at NCSC helping us fine tune Safetypup®. More than 9,000 Safetypup® puppets have been distributed since 1985.

Safetypup® was introduced on television and in newspapers across the nation including:
  • Haverhill Gazette - MA
  • Boston Herald - MA
  • The Denver Post - Denver, CO
  • Courier Times - Tyler, TX
  • Eagle Tribune - Lawrence MA
  • Alburquerque Tribune - Alburquerque, NM
  • The Corpus Christi Caller - Corpus Christi, TX
  • Times Gazette - Ashland, OH
  • Medina Gazette - Medina, OH
  • Painesville Telegraph - Painseville, OH
  • Kenton Times - Kenton, OH
  • Jackson Citizen Patriot - Jackson, MI
  • New Free Press - Chattanooga, TN
  • And many more

Newspaper articles showing how departments are utilizing the Safetypup® puppet in their child safety programs appear locally nationwide. The Safetypup® puppet is the property of NCSC but has been distributed throughout the United States through schools and police and sheriff departments. Our goal is to place a Safetypup® puppet in every grade of every school, especially kindergarten and first grades.

costumeThe Safetypup® costume was created by the Research and Development Department and patented by National Child Safety Council. The costumes include a cape, pants, shirt, paw spats, paw gloves, and a fan-cooled head. The costume is designed so that it is comfortable enough for free movement.

The Safetypup® costume is used to act out the various safety songs and topics for children. Children respond to the costume in a positive manner and recognize Safetypup® wherever he goes. With the help of the costume, Safetypup® has been seen at various public functions including:
  • School Assemblies
  • Grand Openings
  • Promotions
  • Festivals & Fairs
  • Classroom Discussions
  • Parades
  • Hospitals
  • Other Community Events
The Safetypup® costume is the property of NCSC but has been distributed throughout the United States through schools and police and sheriff departments.

The Safetypup® costume has been featured by many event sponsors and law enforcement departments in newspaper articles including The Columbus Dispatch, West Toledo Herald - Toledo, OH, Fulton County Expositor, The Oakland Press, The Blade - Toledo, OH, Fort Wayne News Sentinel, The Jackson Citizen Patriot - Jackson, MI, and many more.

The National Headquarters, located in Jackson, Michigan participated in the local Jackson County Rose Parade, making Safetypup® visible to thousands. The office staff designed a float featuring Safetypup® and reflecting the selected parade themes.
safetypup costume with children

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