NCSC has over 50 years experience in creating, manufacturing, and distributing educational safety materials and services to law enforcement departments throughout the United States.

The Council has created an efficient inventory, warehouse, and shipping system to deliver the high quality and timely service required by individual law enforcement departments and the Home Office is where this process takes place. Office staff in the 1st and 2nd floor offices, mailroom & shipping, copy layout, direct mail, and archives are an integral part in assuring that the local Reps and law enforcement departments across the nation have their programs properly funded and processed in a timely manner.

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Mailroom & Shipping

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The staff at NCSC has researched and created an extensive, well-rounded selection of safety education materials and related services to be made available to children and their parents. NCSC makes its programs and materials available to schools through local law enforcement departments nationwide. For over 100 years, law enforcement agencies have upheld their sworn duty to cooperate with schools in bringing safety education to all of our children.

NCSC has the unique ability to produce the most comprehensive safety educational materials in the world. Experienced educators, qualified writers, artists, printers, and other skilled craftsmen make up the staff at NCSC. Hundreds of various teaching materials are created and printed at our headquarters including games, books, songs, stickers, and more.

Children of all ages and their parents are considered in our endeavor to teach methods for safe living. NCSC's philosophy of safety education is to use only positive teaching theories. No scare tactics or negative teaching theories are used. The educational materials that NCSC produces are researched, created, and developed by a qualified professional staff at the Home Office.

Each piece of material is evaluated by law enforcement personnel, teachers, and/or principal who implement the programs locally. The nearly 150 pieces of material cover a wide range of subjects through various teaching materials ranging from brochures and 24-page safety manuals to puppets, songs, and colorsheets. Our techniques for presenting safety education are constantly being researched and updated.

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The printing department is where many of NCSC's materials receive their final touches and are put to paper before being fastened together in the bindery to become the books, mini-books, pamphlets, color-sheets, and posters that make up the bulk of NCSC's educational materials.

While most of the materials are shipped to the departments immediately after being printed and assembled, some go to the warehouse or mailroom where they are cataloged and stored until being needed for specific programs.

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