NCSC safetypup signIn 1955, after learning that more children die in the U.S. by accidents than all the communicable diseases combined, a nonprofit organization named Police Safety Service was formed. By visiting police agencies and schools to explore ideas for mitigating this tragedy, an effort to reduce, through prevention education, the number of children dying from accidents began.

Police Safety Service, was soon changed to Child Safety Council and then National Child Safety Council (NCSC). Today, NCSC is the oldest and largest 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt, nonprofit charitable organization entirely dedicated to the safety of children.


milkcartonsOur mission at National Child Safety Council is to prevent needless childhood accidents and help save lives through meaningful safety education. NCSC provides nearly 150 different pieces of educational material about child safety, drug abuse prevention, and missing children.  These materials are used by departments & schools across the nation, assisted by NCSC's network of safety counselors. NCSC is the only child safety organization with safety counselors working to support public safety agencies and schools nationwide in their educational efforts.


Our national headquarters spanning 45,000 sq. feet, houses our staff of professionals in the office, R&D, printing, bindery & shipping departments. NCSC is the largest non-profit distributor of comprehensive child and life safety educational material in the United States.


Also unique is NCSC's in-house Research and Development Department, the only one of it’s kind in the country. The R&D Department provides local law enforcement departments with the most extensive resource of safety education materials in the world.

NCSC's experienced educators, artists, writers, and technicians create hundreds of original pieces: books, games, live assembly programs, book-covers, stickers, and other educational materials. Efforts have been made to compile and provide current and authoritative information that is educationally correct, age appropriate, and appealing to children and adults alike.



safetypup011NCSC's nationally recognized superhero mascot, Safetypup®, serves as an entertaining, non-threatening educational tool for law enforcement officers and teachers across the United States. Safetypup,® is welcomed with open arms in departments and schools nationwide. He has become a role model and spokesperson for child safety worldwide.


rep043Local law enforcement officers raise their right hand and swear to protect the lives and property of citizens in their community. NCSC Safety Coordinators provides departments nationwide with the tools they need to help save lives through their customized programs & services. NCSC safety coordinators attend international, national, state, and local conventions to help make law enforcement agencies aware of Safetypup® and the child safety materials he represents.


award01Plaques and awards are given out to Police and Sheriff Departments that have had long-standing programs using NCSC materials and the Safetypup® character. An initial award is in the form of an engraved plaque. Quite often a new plaque is presented representing 5 years, 10 years, etc. These plaques are proudly displayed on department office walls or in lobbies.


ncsc reporting

National Child Safety Council is happy to provide the public with the following organizational and financial information: members of the board of directors; members of the executive staff; IRS Form 990s; donor and visitor privacy policy; and our IRS tax-exempt acceptance letter.

We hope these documents can provide you with information you may need when considering to participate in or make a donation to a department's local program to help prevent needless childhood accidents and save lives through meaningful safety education.

ncsc board

Harley J. Kaufman - President / Director

Jim Vance - Director / Vice President

Diane M. Nelson - Director / Secretary / Treasurer

ncsc staff

Harley J. Kaufman - President

Barbara Huggett - Director of Research & Development

Kaycee Jersey - Office Manager

ncsc docs

articles NCSC Donor and Visitor Privacy Policy
PDF-sm NCSC IRS Tax-Exempt Acceptance Letter
PDF-sm 2015 NCSC Financial Report
PDF-sm 2014 NCSC Financial Report
PDF-sm FY-2014-2015 NCSC Form 990
PDF-sm FY-2013-2014 NCSC Form 990
PDF-sm FY-2012-2013 NCSC Form 990 
PDF-sm FY-2011-2012 NCSC Form 990
PDF-sm FY-2010-2011 NCSC Form 990  



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