Friendly Police Program

National Child Safety Council's Friendly Police Program provides departments with a specific program of materials that explain the vital job members of local Police Departments perform every day to help keep us safe. Departments will find the materials helpful in presenting programs when visiting daycare facilities, pre-schools, and elementary schools.

#077 Police Honorary Member Badge
Friendly Police

#77 Honorary Police BadgeSticker - E

Silver metallic emblem. A message from your friendly police on the back side.

#611 Our Friendly Police - To Serve & Protect
Friendly Police

#611 Our Friendly Police - To Serve & Protect24-page manual - LE

This manual is designed to help develop an early awareness and understanding of the many ways the police department protects and aids the community. It helps children develop a healthy perspective of the job of a local law enforcement officer and encourages them to trust and respect their local police officers. Appropriate for the early reader. Contains word recognition on most pages.

Topics: Wearing the Uniform; Using Special Equipment; Practicing Gun Safety; Using Canine (K-9) Units; Giving Traffic Tickets; Arresting Criminals; Patrolling Neighborhoods; Using Vehicles; Controlling Traffic & Helping People Who Are Hurt; Gathering Evidence & Searching for Clues; Learning About Other Police Department Jobs; Collecting & Testing Evidence; Reporting an Emergency; Helping with Emergencies & Storm Damage; Patrolling Public Events; Community Policing in Neighborhoods; Teaching Children Safety; Working in the Schools; Helping Keep Communities Safe.

#682 Friendly Police
Friendly Police

#682 Friendly Police2-sided activity/colorsheet - LE

Safetypup® and his young friends teach how our friendly police officers want us to say "no" to crime and drugs. Invites children to color and recite the Friendly Police Officers "pledge." Can be signed by an adult, child, and then dated upon completion.

#683 Jr. Police I.D. Card
Friendly Police

6832-sided folding I.D. card - E

This wallet-style card is easy to carry in a pocket or folded over a belt for role playing. It has an area for the child's photo and identification information as well as a Jr. Police Officer badge. There is a Jr. Police Officer Pledge on the back side.

#684 Friendly Police Emergency Telephone Numbers
Friendly Police

#684 Friendly Police Emergency Telephone NumbersWipe-off card - A

Reusable wipe-off card to post by telephones in case of an emergency. Large writing area and graphics make this card especially useful for children and seniors.

#685 Jr. Police Hat
Friendly Police

#685 Jr. Police Hat2-sided activity sheet - E

Child-sized police hat to cut out, color, and wear. Mystery message activity reinforces information about our friendly police officers.


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