Gun Safety

Guns are in approximately half of all U.S. households, so they're a very real danger to kids, whether you own one or not. Even if no one in your family owns a gun, chances are that someone you know does. Children can come in contact with a gun at a neighbor's house, when playing with friends, or under other circumstances outside their home. NCSC gun safety materials present vital information to help you talk to children about firearms rules to help insure that these rules are followed to help protect children from injury and death.

#907 Gun Safety
Gun Safety

9072-sided activity/colorsheet - LE

"Promise to never touch a gun!", is the message Safetypup® shares with his young friends along with a gun safety Pledge. Invites children to color and recite the gun safety "pledge." Can be signed by an adult, child, and then dated.

#908 Guns Can Kill
Gun Safety

908Mini book - LE

Children learn vital gun safety rules in this storybook format featuring Safetypup® and his friends.

#910 Guns & Weapons
Gun Safety

#910 Guns & WeaponsFull-color brochure - A, P

Topics: Kids & Guns; Guns in Schools; Zero Tolerance Policies; Guns in the Home; and Gun Control.


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