Bicycle Safety

Learning about preventing bicycle accidents is not exclusively for children. Adults can benefit from many of our materials. Parents who are aware of safety precautions can make life safe for themselves, and pass on that knowledge to their children by their example and instruction. NCSC offers an assortment of fun-filled materials for all age groups.

#145 Official Bicycle Safety Manual
Bicycle Safety


24-page manual, LE

Features Safetypup® and Spike-the-Bike™. This manual is especially designed for young bicycle drivers. It discusses all aspects of bicycle safety through fun games, puzzles, and activities. Bicycle safety with Safetypup® is a fun learning experience that will help young bicycle drivers become safe auto drivers of tomorrow!

Topics: Does Your Bike Fit You?; Get to Know Your Bike; Safety Check Your Bike; Bike Reflectors; Bike Helmets; A Storm is Coming; Hand Signals; Safety Signs; Traffic Safety; Be Careful When Riding Your Bike (Hazards); Keep Your Bike Safe and Sound (Bike Locks); Bike Safety Rally; and Rider Review.

#150 Bike Inspection Checklist
Bicycle Safety

Activity sheet - E

Safetypup® helps children check and inspect their bikes to ensure safe bike riding every time they ride. Children read the pledge then sign and date the sheet.




#151 Safetypup®'s Bicycle Safety Basics
Bicycle Safety

151Full-color quiz/folder - UE

Designed to test a child's knowledge on basic bicycle safety.

Topics: A Bicycle Safety Quiz, Commendation Award, Safety Checked Frame Wrap

#153 Bicycle Safety Checked Sticker
Bicycle Safety

Full-color sticker - E

Stickers can be dated and placed on a bicycle after it has been safety checked.


#154 Safe Biking - A Bike Safety Guide
Bicycle Safety

154Full-color mini book - E

A comprehensive guide to safe bicycle driving to be sure kids are mentally and physically prepared to ride. Includes tips for different types of bicycles including All-Terrain Bikes (ATBs)/Mountain Bikes; Comfort Bikes; Racing Style/Touring Bikes/Road Bikes (10 or 12 Speed); Motorcross and BMX Bikes.

Topics: Control Your Bike; Make Sure Your Bike is in Proper Working Order; Proper Fit; Dress Appropriately; Watch for Hazards; How to Avoid Accidents; Wear a Helmet; Switching Gears; Riding Downhill; Proper Braking; Rules of the Road; other Bicycle Activities and Clubs.

#155 Bike Safety Bookmark
Bicycle Safety

Full-color English/Spanish bookmark - E

Teaches basic bicycle safety tips. English on one side, Spanish on the other side.


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